Roth pump sets

The combination of a Roth Unitech or Multitech tank and a pump for diesel/heating oil or lubricating stoffe enables the use of a self-sufficient self-consumption point. A counter and all necessary connection components for the tanks are supplied as standard. The pump unit is completely pre-assembled and delivered together with the tank. This ensures maximum time savings and a frustration-free installation without many assembly steps, because on site the unit only has to be attached and connected once to the tank body. The standard counter ensures that the quantity dispensed is always accurate and traceable.



 Roth pump set diesel/heating oil Pump set for side mounting on the tank with:
- pump 56 l/min
- suction hose
- adapter, foot valve, elbow, ball valve and 4 m dispensing hose
- Automatic diesel nozzle with counter
 Roth pump set lubricants Pump set for side mounting on the tank with:
- pump 25 l/min
- Suction hose set with foot valve
- adapter, elbow, stopcock and 4 m dispensing hose
- Manual oil nozzle with counter