Pipe fixing system for industrial and open area heating

Roth industrial radiant heating units – despite the high statically requirements
A high-performance floor is necessary for high load requirements in halls where heavy machines are standing, forklifts and trucks are on tour, airplanes are maintained or where high-bay warehouse and logistic centres are used. Furthermore a Roth industrial heating saves energy because of the low supply temperature. Low transmission and ventilation heat losses have a favorable effect in the upper ceiling area. Pleasant temperatures in those parts of a room where people spent time and which then drop towards the ceiling make for an optimal room temperature profile. Cycle heat and waste heat from production can easily be used to heat Roth industrial radiant heating units, which mean that the investment pays for itself very quickly. The Roth industrial radiant heating can be integrated in all ceilings and floor constructions which are defined by the static and it is suitable for all types of concrete (proven concrete, steel fiber concrete, rolled concrete). According to the object-specifically requirements the demand-orientated integration of the pipes for the heating and cooling system in the concrete construction and its hydraulic connection takes place to the energy production.        

Roth free spaces heating
The Roth free space heating is designed for environmentally friendly snow and frost inhibitor from parking levels, access ramps, wash facilities or free spaces in pedestrian zones. It offers variable mounting technologies according to the object-specificities design requirements, for example for high-performance solutions for high constructive and static requirements on the basis of the system solution Roth Rohrfix system.