Pipe fixing system for sport and sprung floor heating

Roth sport and sprung floor heating – for all sport floor constructions
For elastic sprung floors offers Roth a special solution of the Rohrfix system. The support elements used in the system make installation easy and secure, they consist of pre-assembled plastic profiles with integrated pipe holders at appropriate intervals. With coordinated mounting brackets the support elements of the Pipe Fixing system can be integrated ideally into any sprung floor construction independent from the chosen isolation. A direct installation on the isolation or on the present subsoil is possible. The system is built up modularly and consists of only a few system components with a high degree of prefabrication. The combination with different sprung floor constructions of the different sport floor manufacturers is possible. Architects, planner and structural engineers are free to realise the different kind of applications.

At a glance

    • Flexibility in object-specific floor constructions and isolations
    • Integration of the Roth system solutions is possible in all sport and sprung floor constructions
    • Optimal comfort and ideal surface temperatures
    • Pipe fixing system support units of prefabricated high-quality plastics with integrated pipe holders and optional components for the installation in sprung floors
    • Roth ClimaComfort® TBS solution for sport floors in sandwich construction
    • Fast realization of big tempering areas
    • easy to install and to maintain
    • Highly stressable, solid Roth system pipes in proven S5 CoEx-technology
    • Energy efficient system solution for the tempering of sport and multi-purpose halls