Roth S5 CoEx-Technology - 5 key advantages that keep you on the safe side

The magic number is ... 5.
The pipe is the backbone of a perfectly designed radiant heating and cooling system which offers optimum functionality and dependability
With this professional system, you benefit from five key advantages of Roth pipe design. All Roth system heating pipes are made of solid plastic (DUOPEX S5®,
X-PERT S5®+). Five-layer design gives you five advantages which guarantee that your project will be a complete success. All of the pipes are manufactured using proven, unique 5-layer CoEx technology, producing a top quality product.

Advantage 1: Quality through five layers "S5"

In order to meet the high requirements they must fulfil on site and during transport, Roth DUOPEX S5®, X-PERT S5®+ and ClimaCor® S5 system pipes are constructed in five layers. These are inseparably bound together by means of the S5 CoEx technology to create a sandwich material with a high level of robustness and a long service life.

Advantage 2: System expertise
As the inventor of the Tacker system, Roth is among the leading suppliers of radiant heating and cooling systems. With millions of systems proving their worth out in the field, Roth comes equipped with years of experience and thereby with the greatest amount of technological know-how. The Roth Original Tacker® System and the Roth Knob System fulfil the highest expectations in terms of quality and safety, in excess of technical standards.

Advantage 3: Service

  • A large field network of highly trained professionals provides local rapid-response engineering and business support.
  • Hotline and design support service.
  • Ongoing program of factory training courses as well as planning and product seminars.
  • 10-year guaranteed availability of spare parts and after-sales guarantee following product retirement.
  • Short European-wide lead times for all Roth brand product lines.
  • We back this service up with our membership in the “Handwerkermarke” quality mark scheme.

Advantage 4: Guarantee
We are committed to quality to ensure the safety of our customers. This commitment starts with product development and continues right through production, warehousing and distribution. Because we deliver premium-quality products and services, we are able to offer world-wide insurance protection that goes beyond the norm and includes consequential loss in case of defects. Extended liability coverage guarantees insurance protection even if production of the product is discontinued. The certificate of guarantee contains details about personal injury or property damage coverage of up to 5 million euros per occurrence. The guarantee applies to Roth radiant heating systems for a maximum period of ten years following installation.

Advantage 5: Customer satisfaction

Customers expect that the products they own will work reliably and that they will retain their value. Roth underfloor heating systems give customers peace of mind, because they know that they have chosen the “best-in-class” radiant heating and cooling system. The pleasant heat distribution characteristics of Roth systems create a sustained feeling of comfort and ensure that the investment retains its value.