Roth Heliopool

Roth swimming pool absorber HelioPool® - for direct solar heating of swimming pool water in a continuous flow system


As specialist for plastic processing, Roth developed the swimming pool absorber Roth HelioPool® made of high-quality high density polyethylene (PE-HD) for environmental-friendly and energy saving heating of swimming pool water. It is suitable for environmentally friendly and energy-saving heating of swimming pool water using the continuous flow principle. With only one absorber type all installation applications can be realised since 8 variable outlets are available on the absorber. Therefore easy and fast installation is guaranteed. Roth HelioPool® is characterised by its optimal absorber sizes of 1,2 m² and 2,22 m² as well as its high degree of efficiency. It is fully flooded, frost-proof*, walkable and is suitable to be directly flooded with swimming pool water. The special absorber construction with ideal wall thickness guarantees less pressure loss. In addition, the two absorber sizes are easy to combine.


At a glance
  •         only one absorber type
  •         optimum absorber sizes
  •         horizontal and vertical mounting
  •         high Efficiency
  •         full-surface flow, frost-proof* and walkable
  •         high-quality PE-HD
  •         low pressure drop
  •         direct flow of swimming pool water
  •         extensive Roth warranty Service


*Frost-resistant subject to use of anti-freeze. If antifreeze is not used the Roth HelioPool® swimming pool absorber must be drained if there is a risk of frost.