Utilise geothermal energy with Roth heat pumps – day and night, throughout the year

Soil is a highly effective heat store

Soil temperatures fluctuate very little throughout the year. In heat pumps that use soil as a heat source, the resulting system delivers high performance with low energy consumption.

Generally, the heat stored in the soil is utilised via geothermal energy collectors or geothermal energy probes, which work by transferring the heat to a brine circuit and routing it to the cold side of the heat pump. The soil conditions and water content are critical factors; solid and moist soil is better than dry and sandy soil.

Geothermal energy collectors installed in a horizontal position require a plot of land that is 1.5 to 2.5 times the size of the living space for which it is to provide heat. Geothermal energy collectors with Roth plastic pipes are laid below frost level at 1.2 to 1.5 metre depths. This far underground, the undisturbed temperature ranges between +5 and +10 °C, depending on the time of year. In new build applications, the system is very easy to install during the construction phase. The soil is dug out from the required area and then replaced once the collector has been installed. The system can also be laid in trenches, which reduces the amount of earthmoving work required. If neither of these options is possible, vertically installed geothermal energy probes are an alternative solution. Geothermal energy collectors are subject to reporting requirements; their installation must be reported to the local water board.

Vertically installed geothermal energy probes require very little space. From depths of approximately 10 metres, the undisturbed soil temperature remains very constant throughout the year at between 8 and 12°C. If geothermal energy probes are used, their installation must be planned and executed by a certified (quality-checked) well builder and probe installer. Compared to geothermal energy collectors, geothermal energy probe installations come at a higher cost.

Geothermal energy probes are ideal for smaller plots of land. Generally, probes measure between 40 and 100 metres in length. A permit must be obtained for the installation and operation of geothermal energy probes.