Roth system pipes DUOPEX S5® and X-PERT S5®+ - a powerful team

Roth DUOPEX S5® system pipe – the solution where only the very best will do
The 5-layer Roth DUOPEX S5® system pipe holds its own against really high levels of stress. This pipe meets the most stringent requirements, even those associated with concrete core activation and industrial construction. A continuous stress of 95 °C at an operating pressure of 6 bar and a short-term increase to 110 °C is no problem for the Roth DUOPEX S5® system pipe, which is interactively cross-linked throughout.                

Interactive cross-linking usingan innovative and patented manufacturing procedure
All five layers of the DUOPEX S5® system pipe are co-extruded and then subsequently cross-linked throughout by means of a patented production process. This ensures connections at the molecular level, not only within the individual layers but also between them. As a result, the five-layered pipe is absolutely stable. Interactive cross-linking improves the mechanical, thermal and chemical characteristics of the DUOPEX S5® system pipe and provides additional safety reserves.

Roth X-PERT S5®+ system pipe – the solution for challenging applications in the low-temperature range
The average thermal stress during heating is falling, as a result of the Energiesparverordnung (Energy Savings Regulation [EnEV]).The highly flexible 5-layer Roth X-PERT S5®+ system pipe, in combination with the new Roth system panels, is a system which has been optimised to meet the specific requirements of applications in the lowtemperature range. The "X" in "X-PERT S5®+" represents the excellent finish of the material. It is designed with a safety plus for a continuous thermal stress of 70 °C and a short-term thermal stress of 100 °C. The X-PERT S5®+ system pipe is continuously pressure-resistant with multiple safety reserves up to 6 bar.

DUOPEX S5® and X-PERT S5®+ – even safer thanks to a strong surface
The surface layer means the Roth DUOPEX S5® and X-PERT S5®+ system pipes are now even stronger. The yellow colour of these two system pipes indicates that they feature a robust surface. High resistance to wear and integrated UV stability provide additional protection, particularly for use in harsh site conditions.

System compatibility
Roth DUOPEX S5® and X-PERT S5®+ system pipes can all be used with the Roth Original Tacker® System, the Roth Knob System and the Roth Pipe Fixing System for heating and cooling purposes.