Roth DUOPEX S5®, X-PERT S5®+ and ClimaComfort S5 - perfect solutions for any demand

Roth DUOPEX S5® and X-PERT S5®+ system pipes and ClimaComfort S5 - the right solution for any application
The Selection of the right pipe system depends on the specific building project and the needs of the customer. Roth supplies three solid-plastic heating pipes which offer outstanding quality.                

S5 CoEx technology – outstanding quality for any application
Pipes made using the unique, proven five-layer S5 CoEx technology is the perfect solution for your specific radiant heating and cooling system requirements profile. Roth sandwich pipes are made in a one-pass coextrusion production process, guaranteeing optimal bonding between the layers.

5 layers – 5-way protection
Roth system heating pipes have excellent mechanical and chemical properties to ensure that they can take the punishment:

  • The EVOH oxygen layer is protected against mechanical damage and the adverse external effects of heat and moisture
  • Maximum resistance to deformation caused by concentrated mechanical loads
  • In compliance with German construction contract procedures (VOB), the radiant heating and cooling systems are designed to provide optimal protection for workers who are carrying out work after installation of the Roth system
  • Prevention of oxygen exchange significantly extends the life of the pipes
  • Five-layer design optimises linear expansion within a close tolerance band