Roth ThermoTerra – heating and cooling with geothermal energy

The Roth ThermoTerra boasts an output of 4 to 19 kW for heating and passive cooling and a compact internal mechanism.

The heat generator and hydraulic system integrated into this small-footprint appliance are specially designed to work together effectively. Unlike conventional modular systems, the user no longer needs to individually plan and combine each element for a fast and simple installation process. The pump operates with input temperatures of up to 65°C.
The coolant circuit is located in the lower section of the heat pump, housed inside a removable multibox. This design insulates the compressor for virtually noiseless operation.

The heat pumps are smart-grid- and photovoltaic-enabled.

Simple and flexible installation
The multibox can be removed for transport and assembly. Thanks to its installation position towards the bottom of the appliance, the housing can be transported to the installation location in a horizontal position if required.

The heating, domestic water and electrical connections are located on the top of the housing. The brine connections can be located either to the left or right. Service access is via the front of the pump. Thanks to this design, the Roth ThermoTerra can be installed in a range of positions, including in a corner or directly against a wall.

Top performance ratings
The ThermoTerra stands out because of its excellent performance ratings, or COPs (coefficient of performance) – for example, a COP of 5.05 at a heating output of 10 kW (B0/W35 – EN14511) for the Roth ThermoTerra 10 kW. All of the appliances in the range have an A++ energy efficiency label.

At a glance
  • optimum performance figures
  • low energy consumption
  • compact design
  • outstandingly quiet when running
  • integrated hydraulic components
  • includes optional cooling function
  • simple installation
  • takes up minimal space