Roth ThermoTarra F mit Quadroline

Roth ThermoTerra F – demand-based heating and cooling with geothermal energy

Roth ThermoTerra F brine/water heat pumps
The ThermoTerra F is largely identical to the Roth ThermoTerra. Its composition and hydraulic components are identical in construction. The speciality is the frequency-controlled operation. The Roth ThermoTerra F boasts an output of 6, 9 and 14 kW for heating and passive cooling. The heat generator and hydraulic system integrated into this small-footprint appliance are specially designed to work together effectively. The pump operates with input temperatures of up to 65 °C. The coolant circuit is located in the lower section of the heat pump, housed inside a removable multibox. This design insulates the compressor for virtually noiseless operation.

Roth ThermoTerra F with thermal output based on need
Frequency-controlled heat pumps operate based on the precise needs of the user and the building, resulting in a significant increase in energy efficiency. Its compressor and the heat source and heating circulation pump automatically adapt their speed to requirements. The Roth ThermoTerra F boasts an outstanding performance coefficient of 4.86. Operating costs are further reduced by the low start-up current requirements. Combined with an intermediate heat exchanger, Roth ThermoTerra F heat pumps can use ground water as a heat source, turning them into water/water heat pumps.
At a glance
    • output-controlled
    • optimum performance figures
    • low energy consumption
    • compact design
    • extremely quiet in operation
    • integrated hydraulic components
    • includes optional cooling function
    • simple installation
    • takes up minimal space