Roth flat storage tank Roth Twinbloc® - innovative design

Thanks to its excellent shape and extremely low-profile design, the Roth Twinbloc® low-profile storage unit offers considerable advantages in terms of installation. Compared to traditional rainwater tanks, the excavation work required for the pit can be reduced by up to 40 %. The shallow installation depth even enables installation at sites with a very high groundwater level. The two parallel cylinders provide additional stability. Two tank chambers with smaller diameters are significantly more stable than a single chamber with a large diameter. As a result, the surface above can be utilised, e.g. by cars.

The Roth Twinbloc® is available in 1500, 3500 litre and 5000 litre versions. Taken in conjunction with the matching accessories, this means Roth is able to offer a complete system for professional rainwater applications. The PE tanks are stable in the ground and can be driven over by cars. A dome shaft is supplied with every tank. This is fully inserted into the tank on delivery and can be adapted in each case to the installation depth of the tank. Two opposing empty conduit connecting pieces can be used to connect the supply lines. The perfectly matched components help make installation both quick and easy. A flexible approach can be adopted to suit individual requirements and different conditions on the ground, making it possible to offer the right solution for almost any application. All it takes to connect a number of Roth low-profile rainwater storage units together is a DN 100 connecting line. 

Ground tank
The Roth Twinbloc® ground tank has an integrated dome-shaft system with a plastic cover which can be walked over, a DN 100 inlet connection and a DN 100 overflow siphon with a small-animal barrier. Please refer to the subsequent pages for details of the many accessories available as part of the Roth rainwater range.

Ground tank with filter cage
The Roth Twinbloc® ground tank with filter cage has a filter cage integrated into the dome shaft and an overflow siphon with a small-animal barrier.

Ground tank with inlet stabilisation
The Roth Twinbloc® ground tank with inlet stabilisation features an integrated dome-shaft system with a plastic cover which can be walked over, inlet stabilisation and an overflow siphon with a small-animal barrier.

At a glance

  • Monolithic design made of one piece and so absolutely close
  • The PE-container is stable and car-proof
  • The flat design reduce the excavation and so the installation costs, too
  • Pipe encasement is by supply sunken in the container and fully adjustable
  • The carrying handles are on the face at the container
  • With a KG-pipe DN 199 is it possible to connect several containers
  • Because of the stacking of the Roth Twinbloc® an optimal utilization of the storage space is saved
  • Logistic advantages thus of the integrate shaft system in the container, no separate shipping
  • Single container can be transported on edge because the container width is the same as the hold width