Roth radial press connection - one system for all applications

With Roth radial press connection technology, you can create permanent, secure connections between Roth Alu-Laserplus pipes and Roth fittings in a matter of seconds. To attach the Roth fittings, you merely swap the press jaws or loops on the electrical press tool to accommodate the different Roth Alu-Laserplus pipe diameters.
The Roth connection system is based on uniform circumferential radial pressing, ensuring a secure force fit between the supporting sleeve and Roth system pipes. This technology is designed for Roth pipe installation systems and Roth radiant heating and cooling systems.            

Shaped to ensure a secure connection
The shape of the press sleeve and the plastic ring on the Roth fitting help guide the tool when it is placed onto the fitting to ensure that the jaws are securely positioned in exactly the right place (and cannot slip off). The installer simply positions the jaws of the press tool between the plastic ring and the sleeve lip, presses the handles and the connection is finished.

Roth AFP 101 press tool – setting a new standard in press technology
The AFP 101 is a compact, light-weight, user-friendly press tool for installation of permanent press fittings. This handy tool can also be used in tight spaces where access to the fittings is restricted. The small press tool features an ergonomic design and is suitable for single-handed operation up to 32 mm. The retaining pin ensures that the jaws are properly seated, and a high-capacity rechargeable battery has plenty of power reserves.

At a glance
  • Maximum operational reliability
  • Universal connection technology
  • Ideal for Roth pipe installation systems and Roth radiant heating and cooling systems
  • Permanent, secure connections in seconds that guarantee maximum operational reliability
  • Connections have maximum resistance to rotational and tensile stress, temperature variations and pressure surges
  • The compliant, secure solution for connections that are no longer accessible after installation (embedded into walls, ceiling or floors)
  • No waste during installation of Roth pipe systems and Roth heating pipes
  • Cold connection technology eliminates the risk of fire – no welding, brazing or heating
  • The parts are easy to work with and they are designed specifically for the particular application
  • Handy, easy to use Roth assembly tools
  • Full installation system from the boiler connection and water meter through the ascending pipes to the point of use
  • Only one set of jaws needed to press Roth Alu-Laserplus pipes
  • Press-fit technology designed specifically for Roth Alu-Laserplus pipes using a radial, uniform circumferential press profile
  • Roth system guarantee when you use Roth connection technology