Roth Vinata® – Out with the bathtub, in with a shower! Quick and simple system assembly

Spacious and comfortable
For more than 50 years, Roth has been setting standards and offering complete showers that satisfy the highest demands for functionality and shower comfort. The new Roth remodelling concept Vinata® consists of a high-quality glass sliding door, mineral cast shower basin and glass rear panels. Roth Vinata® makes it possible to exchange old bathtubs in just one day thanks to a spacious shower solution.
These complete solutions are made from six-millimetre single-pane safety glass with an easy to clean coating. The integrated mineral-cast shower tray offers a stable and non-slip standing surface compliant with DIN 51097 (PN24) rating class C with low access height. Each shower contains a high-quality thermostatic mixer from hansgrohe. This new Roth quality shower is available with sliding doors for corner entry and niches.

The right solution for all needs
The new Roth Vinata® complete shower is available in the following designs: “Comfort” and “Spirit”. Roth Vinata® offers the right solution for every living situation.

Growing older with “Comfort”
The “Comfort” model ensures comfortable and safe use for the elderly. Old bathtubs can be replaced by a spacious shower solution. A bracket for installing a seat and additional handles are included in the fittings. A shower seat is available as an optional feature. “Comfort” is designed to make growing older at home more comfortable.

“Spirit” for the entire family
The “Spirit” model involves installing a spacious shower to replace an old bathtub. The ideal shower solution for the entire family

The concept is simple: After removing the bathtub and adjusting connections, the Roth Vinata® is ready for installation.

The glass rear panels of this complete shower are made of coloured glass. They elegantly conceal the untiled area revealed by the removal of the tub. They are available in three heights and two colours.

Heights: Bathtub height, shower height, mix
Colours: white, anthracite





 Roth Vinata® will be available starting in Fall 2018.


At a glance
  • quick and easy installation within one day
  • quality product
  • elegant design
  • stable and non-slip standing surface
  • low entrance
  • flexible variants
Technical details

Vinata® is available in the following exterior dimension (mm):

 Variant 1200
 Variant 1400
 Variant 1600
Variant 1700
 Type 700
 1160 x 677
 1360 x 677
 1560 x 677
 1660 x 677
 Type 800
 1160 x 777
 1360 x 777
 1560 x 777
 1660 x 777
 Type 900
 1160 x 877
 1360 x 877
 1560 x 877
 1660 x 877