A++ and A+ energy labels for Roth heat pumps

The energy labels we know from household appliances are now coming to heat pumps. The European Union’s ErP (energy-related products) Directive stipulates the legal framework for designing energy-consumption-related products in an environmentally friendly way and indicating their efficiency. The aim of the efficiency label is to help consumers choose an efficient product.

Accordingly, from 26 September 2015, heat pumps with a power output of up to 70 kW must bear an energy efficiency label and meet certain energy efficiency requirements. The EU hopes that this ordinance will help to reduce CO2 emissions.

You find the corresponding Roth energy and composite labels here.

At a glance

Determining the energy efficiency class
Comparing the various technologies with their different sources of heating energy involves looking at the seasonal energy efficiency when heating a space or water. The heating requirement covered by the system is compared to the annual energy requirement. The result is a percentage that determines the efficiency class.

The energy efficiency classes for heat generators run from A++ to G. Roth’s heat pumps have been awarded energy efficiency classes of A++ and A+.

Grants from the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) for heating with renewable energy
The 2015 market incentive programme (MAP) provides attractive subsidies to homeowners who install renewable energy systems such as a solar or biomass heating system or a heat pump. You can find more information on the BAFA website at www.bafa.de.

Composite system label

Composite system labels just a few clicks away

The website www.heizungslabel.de lets you generate composite system labels for products from different manufacturers in just a few clicks. The Internet platform is provided by the German building technology association VdZ and consists of a central product database and a calculation tool for composite system labels. The system generates composite system labels in PDF format.

You can find Roth composite system labels here.