Roth Touchline® PL

- Wireless control system for underfloor heating

Roth Touchline® PL - wireless control system

Roth Touchline® PL underfloor heating control system is used for individual control and regulation of the room temperature in buildings with underfloor heating systems where a simple but wellfunctioning system is needed.

The system consists of a controller with 8 channels connected wireless to the room thermostats in the individual rooms. The box has a control panel which is used when pairing the thermostats. At the same time, it provides a good overview of installed thermostats with associated temperatures, and the signal strength can be easily read for each thermostat, which makes it easy to position the thermostat correctly.

The thermostats are available in 2 variants, one thermostat has a small display and touch buttons, the other is a floor temperature sensor which is set via the control panel on the control box.

Roth Touchline® PL control box
The control box is available with 8 channels. The box can be mounted directly on the wall, or by using a 35 mm DIN rail (not included). The control box has a potential-free relay for e.g. boiler control, as well as an output for pump with 230V voltage.

The following information can be read on the control panel’s control panel per. channel:

  • Current and desired temperature
  • Heat demand
  • Signal strength
  • Battery level
  • Pump output status (on/off)
  • Status relay (on/off)
  • Alarm in case of lost connection

Roth Touchline® PL room thermostat
The thermostat comes in white with a smaller LCD display protected by a transparent polycarbonate plate. The power supply is 2 x AAA 1.5V batteries. The temperature is easily set with the two touch buttons (+/-). It has programable time schedules and it is possible to override the entered temperature for a selected number of hours after which the temperature returns to the previous setting. It is also possible to lock the buttons for accidental operation.

Roth Touchline® PL floor sensor
The sensor comes in white without any buttons or display. The front is protected by a transparent polycarbonate plate. The power supply is 2 x AAA 1.5V batteries.

Temperature and min/max settings are made via the control panel on the control box. The sensor can be used as monitoring min./ max. temperature of the floor. The sensor must be connected to the same output as a thermostat with display, where you primarily want to regulate according to the room temperature but use the floor sensor as max. thermostat to protect against overtemperature on a wooden floor or to secure a comfort temperature on the floor, f.ex. in the bathroom.

Roth Touchline® PL wireless room thermostat

UK NO. 7466397100

Roth Touchline® PL actuator 230V

UK NO. 7466275430

Roth Touchline® PL wireless floor sensor

UK NO. 7466397200

Roth Touchline® SL antenna

UK NO. 7466397305


Roth Touchline® PL controller 8 ch 2230V

Max 8 Thermostats/Max 22 actuators.
One 230v output for the pump and volt free contact.
UK NO. 7466397008

Roth Touchline® SL repeater

UK NO. 7466397400

Roth Touchline® PL Controller 2 channel

UK NO. 7466397752

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We have recently learned that data traffic on the LTE800 bandwidth (e.g., 5G in mountains and/or in long-distance areas) may cause issues related to blocking of radio signals sent internally between Roth’s wireless products if the masts are too close or if the signal strength is too high.
Further, we cannot completely exclude the possibility that the installation or implementation of radio-based technologies in the future may cause similar issues.

All of the aforementioned issues are in all cases caused by conditions beyond Roth’s control. Roth can thus not be held liable for, or acknowledge claims attributable to, any such interruptions caused by installations (etc.) carried out by third parties beyond Roth’s control.