Roth QuickTemp Universal panel EPS 30

Roth QuickTemp Universal plate EPS 30 can be used for all types of construction. The EPS 30 panels can be laid on stable substrates of concrete, wood, etc., but also on other insulation. With the system you get an energy efficient floor heating system with a high degree of comfort and which meets the requirement for low, energy-efficient flow temperatures.

Technical description
Roth QuickTemp Universal plate EPS 30 consists of a hard EPS insulation with tracks and associated heat distribution plates in aluminum. The EPS insulation contains fire retardant material.

Roth QuickTemp Universal plate EPS 30 has a universal piping which, among other things, ensures that the same plate can be used for both 16 and 20 mm pipes. The plates have integrated turning plate.

When using Roth QuickTemp Universal Plate EPS 30, you can have different floor temperatures/heat output in the same floor. This can advantageously be done in rooms with e.g. large windows. You can have zones with pipe spacing of 300 mm in general in the room and have zones with pipe spacing of 200 mm close to the windows and thus have greater heat output in these zones. The construction ensures a fast and energy-efficient reaction time with a high degree of comfort.

The plates have high compressive strength, and can be used both for residential and public buildings. The plates are equipped with cutting lines C / C 50 mm on the back which makes it easy to shorten the plates straight with a knife.

Tecknical data

Roth Universalplade EPS 30UK NO. 7339314030
Plate sizeHeight 30 mm
 Width 600 mm
 Length 1200 mm
Area/panal0,72 m²
1 pack = 8,64/m2
Spor2 pieces with C/C 300 mm
3 pieces with C/C 200 mm
Material30 mm expanded polystyrene,
Density 33 kg/m³,
Compressive Strength 250 kPa
Insulation properties0,033 W/m K
Usage per m²1,40 panel
Pipework per m²3,3 m for 20 mm & 5,0 m for 16 mm
Over Floor min. thickness14 mm wood/laminate
(Consult the wood flooring supplier
on product suitability)
The weighted step sound attenuation
of the floor construction
Δ Lw = 18 dB
Improved air sound insulationΔ R’w = 1 dB
Heat distribution plates for 16 mm:UK NO. 7339217116                                       
Plate size180 x 1200 x 0,5 mm
No. of plates:4 pieces pr. m2
Heat distribution plates for 20 mm:UK NO. 733921320
Plate size280 x 1200 x 0,5 mm
No. of plates:2,7 pieces per m2


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