Weather or Not..? Efficient Control of Underfloor Heating Systems.


Maximising the efficiency when controlling your underfloor heating system.

Since more or less heat is emitted into the room at different outside temperatures in order to create a comfortable room climate, a weather compensating underfloor heating control system constantly monitors the outside temperature and adapts the underfloor heating controls to the weather. The result is a heating system that is very energy conscious.

This is achieved one of two ways:

  1. The UFH controls can have built in learning algorithms that learn the characteristics of the building, overriding the individual start and end timings for heating demand based on the external temperature.
  2. The flow temperatures in the primary circuit supplying the UFH manifolds are mechanically regulated by an external temperature sensor, limiting the available energy to the floor - thus preventing wasted energy.

Individual room controls

A zonal control system should also be permanently active in the interior. The individual room control ensures that the floor does not demand, or give off its heat in an uncontrolled manner, but instead takes into account the requirement of the occupants in each room. Individual room regulations are now included in the Part L building regulations. The room thermostat and weather compensation work in harmony to achieve the desired temperature.

Combining both weather compensation with individual room controls ensures maximum efficiency and lowest running costs...