Roth QuickTemp ClimaComfort® system

Roth QuickTemp ClimaComfort® floor heating system is an obvious choice for you who want underfloor heating.

If you are facing a renovation and want underfloor heating, then the Roth QuickTemp ClimaComfort® system is perfect. The system plates are equipped with glue on the back and are simply laid on top of the existing floor, thus you do not have to break up your existing floor.

The Roth QuickTemp ClimaComfort® system has a low build height of as little as 17 mm, and therefore especially suitable when the build height is crucial. The building height is often crucial when renovating, but often also in new construction.

The underfloor heating pipes are located close to the surface, which provides a quick reaction time and you will find that the comfort is top notch. The reaction time on the floor heating system is down to 18 minutes, i.e. the time between the floor being cold and the desired floor temperature being achieved. The Roth QuickTemp ClimaComfort® system can be used with optional upper floor, parquet, laminate, wood, tile, carpet or linoleum The installation time is short - and therefore provides a quick commissioning, the system is already workable after 2-5 hours.

The Roth QuickTemp ClimaComfort® system can also be installed in walls, and can be used as a "radiator" in rooms where the floor surface is not large enough to cover the room's heat loss. The system is often mounted in the wall and can function as a heated towel rail.

Advantages of using Roth QuickTemp ClimaComfort®system:

  • Can be laid on top of existing floor
  • Perfect for renovation and new construction
  • Fast build time
  • Optional upper floor
  • No mess/"mess"
  • Low build height, as low as 17 mm
  • Fast regulating - reaction time down to 18 minutes
  • Good heat distribution - provides increased comfort
  • Energy saving - saving up to 14%
  • Short installation time
  • Walkable after 2-5 hours
  • Produced in recycled plastic from e.g. used water bottles. 447 used water bottles of 0.5 liters are used for a packageRoth ClimaComfort® system plates with 7.84 m2

Yesterday a water bottle - today a Roth floor heating system
Roth system plates are produced from recycled plastic which among other things has been water bottles. 447 used water bottles of 0.5 liters are used for a pack of Roth ClimaComfort® system plates with 7.84 m2.

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