Roth Touchline® SL

Intelligent control for underfloor heating, floor cooling and radiator control.

The Roth Touchline® SL system is suitable for individual temperature control in all types of buildings with underfloor heating. The system can also be used for radiators and controlled via the wireless Roth Touchline® SL radiator motor.

The system is regulated with a smartphone or tablet if the system is expanded with the Roth Touchline® SL WiFi module. The result for your customers is high comfort, flexibility and an energy-efficient system.

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Roth floor heating system - Complete systems - Simple installation

Roth has been producing underfloor heating systems for more than 40 years. When you use a complete Roth floor heating solution, you ensure consistent quality and you can be sure that everything fits together. It provides a faster work process and a sense of security for quality.

We have all types of underfloor heating - from the traditional systems in concrete to systems with fast reaction time and all the way down to 14 mm building height. Our fast-regulating floor heating systems have a reaction time as low as 18 minutes. This saves energy and provides optimal comfort because you quickly achieve the desired floor temperature.

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Roth technical support - our experience is your peace of mind

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Roth UK helps with design, and we are only a phone call away if you need support. We have skilled subject matter experts to help you further – both with the practical tasks and the regulatory challenges you may encounter in your everyday life. We provide drawings, material fittings and dimensioning proposals and also prepare installation proposals, calculations and energy analyses within the areas:

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