Soft and firmware updates

- for Roth Touchline®

You should always keep your Roth Touchline connection module updated if you want access to the latest features and can control your Roth underfloor heating system via the Roth Touchline + Roth App. With an updated connection module, you will also reduce the risk of potential errors in operation.

Here you will find the latest software and firmware updates for your Roth Touchline system.

Updates available for connection module with and without LAN connection, please see the instructions here below:

• "How do I find out if my Roth connection module has a LAN?"

You can look at the bottom of your connection module to see if the device has LAN port. Devices with LAN always have a RJ45 connector that are the wide connector on the left (see the illustration).

Touchline+ App

Download the app for Touchline+ here.