Complete Solutions for Underfloor Heating

Roth has been manufacturing wet underfloor heating systems for more than 40 years and development is ongoing. The underfloor heating systems are mainly manufactured in Germany, which guarantees German accuracy and quality. When you use one of Roth's underfloor heating system solutions, you ensure consistent quality with compatible products and an efficient installation process. We are with you all the way - if you need support or technical advice, we are available throughout the project.

Underfloor heating as needed

We have all types of underfloor heating - from the traditional systems in concrete to energy-efficient systems with fast reaction times, low building height and optimal comfort. These energy-efficient systems are grouped under the umbrella name Roth QuickTemp.

Renovation with low building height

If you are working on a renovation project, you have the option of laying our quick-adjusted systems with a low construction height on top of an existing floor. The advantage of this is that it can save you and your customers both time and money. We offer floor heating systems that have the low construction height of 14 mm.

Intelligent floor heating regulation

Our systems can be controlled by smartphone/tablet if you use Roth Touchline® SL room thermostats. For the customer, this means high comfort, flexibility, and an energy-efficient system.

Guide for underfloor heating

It is the subfloor that determines which system fits best. We have systems that are suitable for both wooden and concrete structures.

Underfloor Heating System - Plate and Joists

Roth QuickTemp Universal panel EPS 30
Roth QuickTemp Universal Chipboard System
Roth QuickTemp heat emission plate system

Underfloor Heating System- Concrete

Roth Knob panel PS20, EPS30 and EPS50
Roth Original Tacker® System
Clip Rail for use in Screed
Roth commercial systems

Why underfloor heating?

Using underfloor heating offers several advantages that make it a popular choice for heating systems in homes and commercial spaces. Firstly, underfloor heating provides an even and pleasant heat over the entire surface, which eliminates cold spots and creates a more comfortable atmosphere. Underfloor heating also frees up walls and spaces from radiators or air vents, creating a more aesthetically pleasing interior. As the heat rises from the floor upwards, energy is also used more efficiently compared to other heating systems, which can lead to lower energy costs in the long term. Underfloor heating is also quiet and maintenance-free once installed, reducing the need for regular maintenance or cleaning. Overall, underfloor heating provides a modern, comfortable, and economically advantageous solution for heating homes and commercial spaces.

FAQ-Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating offers a more even and more pleasant heat distribution throughout the room, reduces cold spots, and eliminates the need for visible heat sources such as radiators or air vents. In addition, it can lead to lower energy costs in the long term and creates a more aesthetically pleasing interior without visible heating elements.

Our underfloor heating systems are suitable for both wooden beams and concrete structures.

Underfloor heating can be very energy efficient as it heats the room from the floor up, which reduces heat loss and requires lower temperatures to achieve the same level of comfort as other heating systems. It can lead to lower energy costs over time, especially when combined with well-insulated buildings.

Before installing underfloor heating, it is important to ensure that the floor is level and well-prepared. In addition, underfloor heating pipes or cables for underfloor heating must be laid according to our recommendations and all safety regulations must be followed.

Underfloor heating can be the primary heating system in a home, especially in well-insulated and energy-efficient buildings. It can also be used as a complement to other heat sources, such as air source heat pumps or radiators, to improve the comfort and efficiency of the heating system. Roth also offers radiator actuators to be able to control the radiator temperature together with the underfloor heating.

Yes, you can. Roth's underfloor heating solutions offer such a low building height that it is very easy to simply mount on top of an existing floor.