Case Study

- The Willows

Transforming a 180-Year-Old Home with Sustainable Heating Technologies

In a remarkable transformation, The Willows, a 180-year-old home originally built as a farm workers cottage in Leominster, has undergone a groundbreaking renovation. This project challenges the misconception that heat pumps are unsuitable for older buildings. Through innovative solutions and collaborative efforts, the integration of an air source heat pump with underfloor heating from Roth UK has revitalized this historic structure while embracing sustainable heating technologies.

Project Overview
The revitalization of The Willows was made possible through a partnership between Stiebel Eltron UK, a leading manufacturer of renewable heating technology, and Roth UK, specialist in underfloor heating systems. The project aimed to maximize the efficiency of the heat pump system while preserving the unique character of the historic building.


Roth UK spearheaded the installation process, beginning with fundamental changes to the building's infrastructure. The team replaced the earth floors, enhanced insulation, upgraded windows, and installed a new roof. These modifications were pivotal in minimizing heat loss, essential for the successful integration of the Stiebel Eltron WPL 25 air source heat pump.

The introduction of Roth underfloor heating served as the primary heating system for The Willows. This choice not only ensured optimal efficiency but also maintained the building's aesthetic integrity. Graham Moore, Roth UK General Manager, emphasized the harmony between traditional architecture and modern heating technologies, highlighting the importance of preserving the building's character.

Product Selection and Benefits
Roth UK selected specific products tailored to the project's requirements, including:

  • Roth Touchline® SL System: This comprehensive system offers precise temperature control for underfloor heating, cooling, and radiator systems. Its user-friendly interface, compatibility with mobile app control, and expandability make it an ideal choice for diverse building types.
  • Roth Original Tacker® System (downstairs with a 16mm pipe): Designed for lasting value, this underfloor heating system features sound-absorbing insulation plates and fastening clips for easy installation. Its versatility allows for direct installation on underlying insulation, ensuring efficient heat distribution.
  • Roth QuickTemp Compact® System, 24mm (upstairs with a 16mm pipe): Ideal for installations with low build height requirements, this system features high-density polystyrene plates with cast tracks. Its fast response time and compatibility with different pipe sizes make it a versatile solution for various applications.
  • Roth X-PERT®S5 Underfloor Heating Pipe: Renowned for its durability and flexibility, this 5-layer pipe includes an oxygen diffusion barrier for enhanced performance. Its high heat stability and resistance to construction site treatment ensure reliability in demanding environments.

The successful transformation of The Willows exemplifies the synergy between modern heating technologies and historic preservation. Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, Stiebel Eltron and Roth UK have demonstrated that sustainable heating systems, such as heat pumps combined with underfloor heating, are not only feasible but highly effective in older buildings. This case study serves as a testament to the potential of renewable energy solutions to shape the future of building sustainability.

For further information on implementing heat pumps or underfloor heating systems, visit Stiebel Eltron.