Roth SnowFlex®

- complete snow melting system

Roth SnowFlex® snow melting system

Keep outdoor areas free of snow and ice – completely automatically
Roth SnowFlex® is a complete snow melting system, which you can e.g. can be used for driveways, ramps, squares, pedestrian streets, aircraft hangars, football pitches, harbor facilities, etc. The system ensures that the sites are kept free of snow and ice in an easy and economical way. With a snow melting system, the heating starts the moment there is a risk of slippery surfaces, and because the system utilizes the waste heat from industry and heating plants, the operating costs are relatively low.

Roth SnowFlex® pipe

Roth SnowFlex pipes  25 x 2.3 mm
Roth SnowFlex® pipes® are produced by PE-RT (Polyetylene Raised Temperature), which ensures the best combination of flexibility, pressure and temperature stability. The pipe quality ensures a long service life and is suitable for pressure and temperature variations. Since the snow melting systems contain antifreeze, an exchanger is required between the system and the boiler plant. Therefore, there is no oxygen barrier on the Roth SnowFlex® tube.

  1. Produced by PE-RT (Polyetylene Raised Temperature)
  2. Flexible
  3. Temperature stable
  4. Longevity
  5. Maximum temperature: 70°C
  6. Maximum pressure: 4 bar

Roth distributors and Roth control for the Roth SnowFlex® snow melting system

Roth SnowFlex® distributors in PEH or brass

Roth supplies distributor pipes for the snow melting system in both PEH and brass. The tubes are supplied with 25 x 2.3 mm couplings. We can supply the distributor pipes in PEH according to specific dimensions and lengths.

  • Comes with 25 x 2.3mm couplings
  • Roth distributor pipes in PEH can be supplied according to specific measurements and lengths

Roth control and regulation
Roth provides the control as a complete unit with control center and sensors for temperature, humidity, snow and ice. With this device, you get an intelligent control system that only starts the snow melting system when necessary and thus ensures the best operating economy.

  1. Complete device
  2. Includes: control center, sensors for temperature, humidity, snow and ice
  3. Intelligent control
  4. Optimal operating economy

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