Roth QuickCalc

- A tool for a quick price estimate

Quickly and easily calculate the price of a Roth underfloor heating system

With Roth QuickCalc, you are now able to quickly and easily calculate an estimate for an underfloor heating system for your customer or project. By using Roth QuickCalc, you get a material list of the underfloor heating components you need and a price based on Roth's indicative gross prices excl. VAT. You will be sent your project as a PDF and an Excel file at the end of the calculation, which happens completely automatically.

Find Roth QuickCalc here:

Easy and intuitive
When you have access to the Roth QuickCalc system, you can easily and quickly create and design an underfloor heating system. The program works with an intuitive user interface that you quickly learn to use and become familiar with. It just requires that you have a few basic pieces of information ready about the heating system in relation to, among other things, the choice of shunt, distribution pipe, regulation system, distribution cabinet and insulation, and then you are well on your way.

The QuickCalc system is designed as a dynamic user interface that allows you to use the calculator on virtually all types of browsers on both PC and mobile devices. As an installer, consultant or wholesaler, you can quickly gain access to the system by registering as a user here.

If you need subsequent help - we are ready
The QuickCalc calculation is prepared based on the simple data entered, where only standard underfloor heating constructions on the systems shown in Roth QuickCalc are taken into account. The calculation must therefore be regarded as an estimate that does not take special requirements and wishes into account.

If you need further help, e.g. for projects where there are requirements for complete dimensioning of the system such as adaptation of construction, type of upper floor, heat loss and the like, you can hand over your project via QuickCalc to our technical department, who can then help you with more accurate planning. Regardless of whether you are a consultant, installer or wholesaler, you are always welcome to contact Roth who will help you get started.