Modbus and API

- For Roth Touchline® SL

Modbus RTU

The new generation 2. of Touchline® SL was born with Modbus RTU integration which makes it possible to integrate our control system as a slave in a Modbus system. The physical BMS/Modbus connection is found in our newest generation Touchline® SL Master control unit and below you will find a register for download with all parameters for read and write that are possible in our new Touchline® SL system.

You must ensure that both your Master and Extension control unit have the correct firmware installed for the system to work with Modbus. You can find the firmware version by pressing "Menu" and then using the down arrow to select "Software version" at the very bottom. The software should be called 1.0.11 for Master Controllers and 1.0.12G for Expansion Controllers. You can always find the latest firmware on our website under the item "Support".

If the firmware version is an older version, you must download and install the new firmware on all controllers in your system, i.e. both Master and Extension controllers.

If you need more information about our Modbus integration, we refer to our user manual for the Touchline® SL control unit 8 channel master 230V.

Go to the latest firmware here.

API for Roth Touchline® SL

With the API for our Touchline SL control system, you get the opportunity to create an integration for your own SmartHome system.

Please fill in the form below, after which you must approve the "API terms of use". You then get access to the documentation of the API.

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