Roth Alu-LaserPlus® pipe system

- for domestic water, cooling and heating installations

Roth Alu-LaserPlus® pipe system. For domestic water, cooling and heating installations

The base product of the system is the Roth Alu-LaserPlus® tube  , a 5-layer tube that utilizes the best properties of Pe-XC tubes and metal tubes. The couplings to the system are based on pressing technology, which is easy to install and gives the safest result.

The Roth Alu-LaserPlus® tube is a high-quality product specially developed for heating, cooling and hot water. What is unique to Roth Alu-LaserPlus® tubes is the aluminum sheath, which is laser welded to achieve the best tolerance and homogeneity. The pipe is made of two layers of PE-RT tubes with a layer of aluminum in between. Due to the flexibility of the PE-RT tube, the Roth Alu-LaserPlus® tube becomes  the market's most flexible tube to work with.

Roth Alu-LaserPlus® pipe

Roth Alu-LaserPlus® is a flexible universal tube in dimensions from 16 to 63 mm. You can use the pipe for heating, cooling and domestic water installations. On the Roth Alu-LaserPlus® tubes, the aluminum sheath is welded with laser. The welding method provides a very high precision, which provides a consistent quality. The inner tube is thick-walled and without the aluminum sheath copes with the pressures and temperatures for which the pipe is approved. You assemble the pipes with Roth PressCheck® fittings, which we supply in PPSU or brass. PPSU is a strong plastic material that has good properties in terms of strength and service life. 

Roth Alu-LaserPlus® is made of an inner tube made of polyethylene. The middle tube is a laser-welded aluminum sheath, which gives the pipe a good dimensional stability and at the same time makes the pipe diffusion-tight. Finally, the outer pipe is made of a protective layer of polyethylene of a light gray color. Roth produces the Roth Alu-LaserPlus® tubes and PPSU fittings at its own factories in Germany. Therefore, you are guaranteed a consistently high quality. Roth PressCheck
® fittings are leaking as long as they are not pressed. This ensures that you do not leave an installation with unpressed fittings.

UV resistance

The plastic components of the Roth Alu-LaserPlus® piping system must be protected from direct UV light and sunlight.

  1. 5-layer pipe
  2. With Roth PressCheck®
  3. Laser welded aluminum cap
  4. The most flexible pipes on the market
  5. Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar
  6. Maximum short-term temperature: 95ºC
  7. Maximum continuous temperature: 70ºC

Roth pressure tool

We recommend that you use the Roth pressure tool. We have a wide selection of Novopres and Klauke machines that fit our Alu-LaserPlus® system. The tool has been tested according to DVGW and is therefore covered by a warranty scheme. When performing press collections, you may only use pressing tools with associated pressure trays and chains approved by Roth. If you use the wrong tools, the installation and any consequential damage will not be covered in case of complaint. If you are unsure whether you can use your existing tool, you should contact Roth Denmark's technical support. If other, not recommended pressing machines are used, the work is not covered by Roth warranty obligations.

  1. Always use Roth pressure trays and Roth pressure inserts with Roth profile.
  2. When pressing Roth transition fittings to copper or stainless, Roth trays with V-profile should be used.
  3. Roth base tray is used for dimensions 40, 50 and 63 mm.
  4. Fits Roth Alu-LaserPlus® piping system
  5. Selection of Roth trays and Roth chains to suit
  6. Ensures tight joints
  7. Selection of Roth batteries and Roth cases for the Roth pressing tool


Roth fittings i PPSU

Fittings with special qualities

Roth press fittings we call Roth PressCheck®. Roth PressCheck® because of the unique property that they are leaky - that is, they leak if they are not pressed. With Roth PressCheck® , there is no danger of a fitting suddenly giving way and loosening. If you want to maintain optimal water quality, the choice of materials is of paramount importance. The leaching of substances from pipes and corrosion can significantly affect water quality.

A complete range of Roth press couplings are included in the Roth Alu-LaserPlus® system, which is produced in the most corrosion-resistant materials.

Roth pressure couplings in PPSU

PPSU are a plastic that has previously only been used in the aerospace industry, for example. PPSU has an even greater resistance to all types of corrosion. The Roth range consists of a complete range in dimensions 16, 20, 26, 32, 40 and 50 mm. Here you will find all the common mold pieces without threads.

Properties of luminaire alloys in PPSU

  1. Material in Polyphensyl Ulfone (PPSU)
  2. Tensile stresses in pressure tests at 23°C: 99 Mpa
  3. Length expansion coefficient: 5.6 x 10-5 m/mK
  4. Impact strength according to lzod at 23°C: 694 J/m

Chemical resistanceNOTE:

 There are a number of products on the market that can be used in conjunction with Roth products. The use of solvents, leakage spray/gas or the like, which may contain harmful substances, can damage pipes, valves, walls and other installations and gaskets. Products such as polyurethane foam, lubricants, strong detergents, but also additives for frost protection, etc. should be carefully considered and the contents checked before possible use. Please note that the use of harmful products means that the Roth guarantee is voided. Contact Roth Denmark's technical support if there is any doubt about these products. You should avoid installing Roth pipes in highly corrosive environments. Damage caused by this can occur long after the warranty period. Roth fittings made of metal, which can come into contact with cement, mortar, concrete and the like, should be protected by empty pipes, insulation or plastic wrap. 

  1. Corrosion resistant
  2. High pressure and temperature resistance
  3. Good chemical and thermal properties (hydrolysis resistance)
  4. Hygienically suitable everywhere
  5. No deposits
  6. Mountable
  7. Tried and tested for many years
  8. Complies with engineering corrosion and zinc plating resistant regulations
  9. Adheres to strict international standards
  10. Meets environmental requirements
  11. Unlimited use in all drinking water installations
  12. Certified according to DVGW worksheet W534


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