Roth Pex-5 High Performance underfloor heating pipe

– used in systems with requirements for 10 bar pipes, e.g. for direct district heating

Roth Pex-5 High Performance floor heating pipes meet all requirements for a floor heating pipe. The pipe is flexible and easy to work with, even in cold weather. The pipe is supplied in the dimension 16 x 2.0 mm and fits all Roth plate systems and associated fittings. Roth Pex-5 High Performance is a 5 layer pipe, which means that the oxygen barrier is inside the pipe, which ensures that it does not contribute to creaking sounds when the pipes are used in metallic heat distribution plates.*The production takes place at our own German factories and is quality assured according to ISO 9001.

The Roth Pex-5 High Performance tube has many advantages:

  1. Longevity
  2. High heat stability, permissible operating temperature is 70°C (briefly 95°C) at an operating pressure of 10 bar according to EN 15875.
  3. Withstands "construction site treatment"The oxygen barrier is located inside the pipe wall
  4. Great flexibility that makes it easy to work with, even in the cold
  5. Diffusionstæt in accordance with DIN 4726

Physical properties of Pex-5 High Performance pipes

Heat-conduction capacity W/m K0,35
Longitudinal coefficient of expansion1,14 x 10-4
Minimum bend radius5 x dia.
Pipe roughness, mm0,007
Number of layers in pipe wall5
Max. operating temperature, °C70
Max. short-term temperature, °C95
Max. operating pressure, bar10
Weight, Kg/m0,10
Water content L/m0,11
Diffusion-resistantDIN 4726
ProductionEN ISO 15875
Possible delivery lengths650 m

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