Roth QuickTemp heat emission plate system

Roth QuickTemp heat emission plates for formwork are specially designed so that the floor heating system does not increase the building height compared to a normal floor construction.

The heat emission plates for formwork are supplied for 16 and 20 mm underfloor heating pipes.

The heat emission plates are mounted on the formwork which is attached to joists or the beam layer. The distance between the formwork boards must be approx. 19 mm for 16 mm pipe, and approx. 23 mm for 20 mm pipe. The center distance between the pipes must be 300 mm. The heat emission plates have longitudinal grooves where Roth X-PERT S5® or Roth Alu-LaserPlus® are pressed into and thus fixed. The tracks of the plates are shaped so that the pipe is locked and acts as a “pipe holder”.

areas the heat emission plate is designed to incorporate underfloor heating into wooden floor structures and floor partitions with formwork and insulation.

Technical data

Roth QuickTemp heat emission plate7339231.055


Width 590 mm, length 500 mm


0,3 m²


2 plates with C/C 300 mm


0,5 mm steel plate


2,7 plate per m²



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