Underfloor Heating System - Plate and Joists

We offer efficient underfloor heating systems that focus on comfort and energy efficiency. Our underfloor heating system for wooden floors is designed for easy installation and long-lasting performance. It spreads an even heat over the surface and can help reduce energy costs. With our system, you can create a comfortable environment in your home or building with minimal impact on the environment. Explore our range and see how Roth can meet your underfloor heating needs.

Roth QuickTemp ClimaComfort® system

The Roth QuickTemp ClimaComfort® floor heating system has a low construction height of only 17 mm, ideal for both new installations and renovations. Its light construction and fast reaction time make it suitable for wet room installations and small areas. Made from recycled plastic, the system offers easy installation and efficient heat dissipation, even in walls such as radiators.

Roth QuickTemp Compact® system

Roth QuickTemp Compact® underfloor heating systems consist of cellular plastic plates with grooves for underfloor heating pipes and thin aluminium foil for efficient heat dissipation. With a construction height of only 14mm or 24mm, it is suitable for renovations and can be used with different floor materials. The system is versatile, quick to install and has a fast reaction time for comfortable heating.

Roth QuickTemp Universal system EPS 30

Roth QuickTemp Universal board EPS 30 is a hard EPS insulation with grooves for aluminium heat distribution plates, suitable for load-bearing and stable substrates. It offers a flexible groove pattern that allows the same disc to be used for several pipe thicknesses. The system provides fast reaction time, high comfort and saves energy.

Roth QuickTemp Universal Chipboard System

Roth QuickTemp Universal Chipboard system is low-rise and suitable for both renovation and new construction, can be mounted floating on hard insulation or frame construction. It consists of 22 mm grooved chipboards and turning boards for 16 mm underfloor heating pipes, with the option of using different thicknesses of the heat distribution plates depending on power needs and comfort requirements.

Roth QuickTemp Heat emission plates 

Roth QuickTemp heat distribution plates are designed not to affect the building height in relation to normal floor construction. They are supplied for 16 mm or 20 mm underfloor heating pipes and are mounted across the beams in sparse panels. Easy installation with longitudinal groove for Roth X-PERT/Alu-LaserPlus© pipes.