Roth QuickTemp Universal Chipboard System

Roth QuickTemp Universal chipboard system has been developed for use on both spreading construction and on hard floor insulation.

It is a fast-regulating and low-construction system for use both in new construction and in renovation projects. It consists of 22 mm plates with grooves for 16 mm floor heating pipes. The system is laid in the same way as ordinary 22 mm chipboard.

Roth X-PERT S5® 16 mm underfloor heating pipes and 0.5 mm heat distribution plates must be used for the system. With the 0.5 mm heat distribution plate, a uniform surface temperature and the possibility of a high performance are ensured.

Areas of application

  • On joist construction

Technical description
Roth QuickTemp universal chipboard system is produced with low formaldehyde content and meets the requirements of the E1 standard and is produced from FSC-labeled wood.
The heat distribution plates for the Roth universal chipboard system is in aluminum, and comes in a 0.5 mm thickness.

Handling and storage
The chipboard system must be laid in dry indoor environments 15 - 25°C and 50 - 65% RH. The plates must be stored unpackaged for at least 24 hours in the climate in which they are to be placed. For installation of the system, refer to separate installation instructions.

Technical data

Roth QuickTemp Universal chipboard 22 mmUK NO. 7339295222
DimensionsWidth 600 mm
 Length 1.800 mm
Area1,08 m2
 3 pieces with C/C distance 200mm
Max. point load at beam layers1,5 kN (maximum deflection of 2 mm)
Max. generel load at beam layers3,0 kN/m2
Floor insulation in EPS min. compressive strength150 kPa
Insulation2,5 kN/m²
Roth universal chipboardUK NO. 7339295523
DimensionsWidth 1.200 mm
 Length 600 mm
Area0,72 m2


ATTENTION! Reversible plates must not be used floating on floor insulation

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