Clip Rail for use in Screed

The Roth Clip Rail System is attached to existing insulation with holding clips or secured in concrete with nail a gun, in addition the rail comes with adhesive tape on the underside to secure initial positioning.

The clip rail is 2 meters long with options for mounting 10.5 mm, 16 mm or 20 mm Roth X-PERT® S5 Pipe. The 50 mm rail clip spacing provides pipe centre flexibility, fixing is achieved by simply pressing the pipe into the rail clip. Distance between clip rail rows should be designed at 1 m intervals.

Technical data

Roth Clip Rail for 10,5 mm pipeUK- No. 7339656.210
Roth Clip Rail for 16 mm pipeUK- No. 7339656.216
Roth Clip Rail til 20 mm pipeUK- No. 7339656.220
Measurement (for 10,5 m pipe)Length 2.000 mm,
Height 15 mm
Measurement (for 16 and 20 mm pipe)Length 2.000 mm,
Height 25 mm
Amount0,5 pieces./m²

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