Underfloor Heating System- Concrete

We offer efficient underfloor heating systems specially adapted for screed and concrete flooring. Our system is designed to offer comfort and energy efficiency. With easy installation and long-lasting performance, it spreads heat evenly over the surface and contributes to reduced energy costs. Create a comfortable environment with minimal environmental impact by exploring our Roth underfloor heating range.

Roth Knob panel System  

Roth Knob panel PS20/EPS 10/30 is ideal for underfloor heating pipes in concrete or floating screed. It can be placed on existing concrete floors or EPS insulation. Available in three variants (0/20, 10/30, 30/50), it offers efficient workflows with full panels of size 1,450 x 950 in different construction heights (20, 30 or 50 mm) and enables flexible laying of 16 mm underfloor heating pipes with different C/C distances.

Roth Original Tacker® System

The Roth Original Tacker® system is a reliable underfloor heating solution with long-lasting value. The system consists of using Roth Original Tacker® clips and a tacker gun. Installation is easy with self-adhesive battens and pipe clamps for mounting underfloor heating pipes, which provides affordable comfort with the option of different C/C distances.

Roth QuickTemp ClimaComfort® system

Roth QuickTemp ClimaComfort® has a low construction height of 17 mm, perfect for wet room installations and renovations. The system can also be installed in walls for efficient heating. With recycled plastic and fast reaction time, it offers easy installation and good heat distribution. Made from recycled PET bottles, an environmentally friendly choice.

Roth QuickTemp Compact® system

The Roth QuickTemp Compact® system consists of high-density cellular plastic plates with grooves for underfloor heating pipes and 0.5mm aluminium for maximum heat dissipation. It provides minimal construction height and is suitable for different floor materials. With 14 mm or 24 mm construction height, it is suitable for various projects with quick installation and good heat distribution.

Roth Clip rail system

Roth's clip rail holds the underfloor heating pipes to the substrate by being attached to insulation with pipe-holding clamps or pushed into concrete with a nail gun. Rails with grooves every 50 mm provide a flexible CC measurement for 10.5 mm, 16 mm or 20 mm X-PERT® pipe. The rails, 2 meters long and self-adhesive, provide correct pipe depth when casting.

Roth system for casting in concrete with nailing

This commercial underfloor heating solution involves attaching underfloor heating pipes with tie wire to reinforcing mesh, which strengthens the concrete and acts as a pipe holder. The reinforcing mesh is placed at a distance of approx. 10 mm from the insulation, and Roth floor heating strips can be used as an alternative to attach the pipes.