Environmental Product Declarations

Roth Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

Environmental product declarations or EPDs document a product's environmental properties and are prepared in relation to European and international standards. They are verified by an independent third party, which ensures transparent and consistent environmental documentation.

The environmental product declarations are based on a life cycle assessment - LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), which is developed based on specific data from the given product and manufacturer.

The result of this is several environmental impact categories such as global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, depletion of natural resources and acidification of soil and watercourses.

Roth North Europe A/S continuously develops EPDs for several products. This gives consultants, architects, and other construction experts the opportunity to use our product specific EPDs to form a picture of a building's overall environmental impact.

Roth North Europe A/S has chosen the Norwegian programme operator EPD-Norway (indsæt link: https://www.epd-norge.no/)  to verify and publish our EPDs. This cooperation guarantees that our EPDs operate in accordance with relevant international and European standards and methodology guides. Included in our cooperation is also their support and participation in the ECO Platform work and activities, with the focus on international Product Category Rules (PCR) harmonisation and standardisation. This ensures the development and provision of credible and scientifically correct data from products.

This is also your guarantee for a transparent environmental documentation as the Roth EPDs reflect the actual amount and type of raw material used in our products as well as in the production.

See our EPDs here.

If you have questions about our EPDs or want a project specific EPD, you can contact sustainability@roth-northeurope.com and we will help you further.


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