Roth Multilayer Pipework - Secure and installation friendly domestic water system and radiator connection

Roth pipe installation systems for the protection of the consumer
Common materials, connection materials and connection processes cannot be used in many areas and regions due to constant exposure to changing water quality of pipe installation systems. Various facts such as too high or too low pH-values of water, free carbonation, chlorides etc. lead to corrosion problems in common pipe installation systems and as a consequence to additional exposure of the water. Conventional installation systems and materials cannot resist the conditions any longer. The solution against incrustation, deposits and corrosion is offered by the Roth pipe installation system. It is designed as universal, complete system for all installation varieties in modern building technology and unites many advantages. All system components were developed practice related and are perfectly coordinated with one another. The best materials, quality controlled production and the system certification according to DVGV characterise the Roth pipe installation system.

All system components of the Roth pipe installation system fulfil the requirements of the amended pipe installation regulation as well as DIN 50930-6. The Roth pipe installation system can be used without hesitation with all water qualities.