Roth Touchline® SL box - Master and extensions

You already know the concept from the existing Roth Grab and go... Packages. With the Roth Touchline SL® – swap for new, you simply replace the old thermal motors, control unit and room thermostats with the Roth Touchline® SL. You can do this regardless of which manufacturer has supplied the existing plant.

With Roth Touchline® SL boxes, we want to make it even easier and even faster for you as an installer, while minimizing resource waste and taking into account the environment, therefore all products stored in the box are without packaging. If you purchase a Roth Touchline SL® WiFi module plumbing no. 17466397.000, your customers get full overview, monitoring and alarm notifications via the free Roth Touchline® SL app.

Roth Touchline® SL box, is assembled on a plumbing number and contains:

  • Roth Touchline® SL Control Unit - Master or extension Module
  • Roth Touchline® SL Standard room thermostats in white
  • 230V thermomotorer.

The packages are available with Roth Touchline SL® Master control unit or Roth Touchline® SL expansion module - both versions are available with 2-8 compartments. The new Roth Touchline® SL system is suitable for individual temperature control in all types of buildings with underfloor heating, and is an intelligent system with smart design for regulating underfloor heating and floor cooling. The system has a wide range of accessories. See the full range here.

Single mounting

  • The system is wireless, no electrical work
  • Does not require intervention in pipe installation
  • No need to break up the floor
  • No laying of new hoses or replacement of underfloor heating distribution pipes*

Simple and user-friendly operation

  • Regulate the underfloor heating on the room thermostat or via smartphone (with the purchase of Roth WiFi module)
  • Individual control of room temperature
  • Roth Touchline® SL room thermostats comes in 2 versions
  • The Roth Touchline® SL thermostats are equipped with a humidity sensor so that humidity can be read on the room thermostat display

Roth Touchline® SL box, Master
2 room - UK NO. 7466397.702
3 room - UK NO. 7466397.703
4 room - UK NO. 7466397.704
5 room - UK NO. 7466397.705
6 room - UK NO. 7466397.706
7 room - UK NO. 7466397.707
8 room - UK NO. 7466397.708




Roth Touchline® SL box, 8 ch, extension
2 room - UK NO. 7466397.732
3 room - UK NO. 7466397.733
4 room - UK NO. 7466397.734
5 room - UK NO. 7466397.735
6 room - UK NO. 7466397.736
7 room - UK NO. 7466397.737
8 room - UK NO. 7466397.738






Roth Touchline® SL can be used for all kind of manifolds.
Roth Touchline® SL box comes with apdaters for Roth manifolds from year 2005 and uptil today.
Is the manifold from an other supplier can you just ordrer some of these apdaters:

Adapters for GiacominiUK NO. 7466276.026 (Can also be used for Roth/Lintech manifolds before 2005)
Adapters for UponorUK NO. 7466276032
Adapters for WavinUK NO. 7466276050
Adapters for Roth minishuntUK NO. 7466276.054
Adapters for PettinaroliUK NO. 7466276.064
Adapters for DanfossUK NO 7466276.078
Adapters for MegathermUK NO. 7466276.080
Adapters for Uponor plastfordelerUK NO. 7466276.002
Adapters for Danfoss FJV-R valveUK NO. MH6272.272
Adapters for WattsUK NO. MH6275.241