Underfloor Heating Controls

One Family - Three Systems

We have exactly the control system you need for your taskRoth Touchline SL wireless control Roth Touchline®

Roth® SL wireless system is suitable for individual temperature control in all types of buildings with underfloor heating. Roth Touchline® SL is an intelligent system for regulating underfloor heating and floor cooling. The system can also be used for radiators. For radiator systems, the wireless Roth Touchline® SL radiator motor is used. The system has a wide range of accessories, where you can find Roth window switches, which ensure that the heat is automatically shut off in the room when the window or door is opened for a longer period of time. The Roth Touchline SL can also be controlled via the Roth Touchline SL app if you choose to extend the system with a Roth Touchline®®® SL WiFi module.

  1. Quick sign-up and easy operation
  2. Wide range
  3. Complete solution – for underfloor heating/cooling and radiators
  4. Solutions for all types of buildings, large and small, renovation and new construction
  5. Wireless regulation, monitoring and alarm notifications via the Roth Touchline® SL app
  6. Compatible with voice assistant Alexa and Google Home

Roth Touchline BL wired control Roth Touchline®

® BL is a wired system used for individual control and regulation of room temperature in underfloor heating systems. The thermostat measures only 18 mm in depth. The system consists of control units with room for 6 or 12 wired room thermostats. Roth Touchline® BL room thermostats are available in standard version or a version with floor sensor (multithermostat).

  1. Easy and quick to install
  2. Good comfort for the user

The Roth Touchline PL Roth Touchline®

® PL wireless system is used for individual control and regulation of room temperature in buildings with underfloor heating systems. The system is used where there is a need for a simple but well-functioning system. The system consists of wireless room thermostats, wireless floor sensors, 2- or 8-channel control units and thermal motors.

  1. Easy registration of the room thermostats
  2. Overview of installed room thermostats with temperature reading
  3. Easy signal strength and battery level reading for each room thermostat